Catching Rainbows

Hey there, welcome to my blog!

I’veĀ always wanted to blog, but could never find the time. With work and school and the husband, I noticed myself drifting from my true passion: telling people’s stories. But then graduation came (bye school) and then my baby came (bye work) and the blessing of journalism came knocking on my door.

So let’s get to it!

I’ve recently been inspired by the story of Noah’s Ark in the Bible. It’s a phenomenal record of a man whose uniqueness really paid off. However, it’s not the adventure on the boat that drove me to the keyboard. It was the symbol at the end – the rainbow. The colorful arch served as a promise from God, His first promise.

Life is full of God’s promises and as busy humans we tend to lose sight of them. The great thing is, if you’re one of His kids, you don’t even have to chase them. They chase you and all you have to do is catch. This blog is a compilation of the people, places and things that remind me of the promises of God.

Perhaps it’ll help us all live our lives Catching Rainbows.

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